3D Scanning for 3D Design and Printing

3D scanners have improved a bit and have become a bit cheaper, but they are still expensive and produce mixed results.  Some of the more popular scanners are listed below:

Desktop Scanners

Makerbot Digitizer.  The Digitizer is pretty easy to setup and use.  It does have to be connected to your computer.  The software does allow you to do multiple scans of an object - you scan with the object on its base, then its side, then upside down - so you can capture all the features.  Object size is limited to 8" in diameter and 8" tall and up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs.)  As with most scanners, glassy or shiny objects do not scan well at all.  The price is about $800 and you can buy from makerbot.com or Amazon.

Makerbot Digitizer Scan of shell

Matter and Form 3D Scanner.   The Matter and Form scanner is fairly easy to set up and use.  Not as simple as the Makerbot Digitizer but the results are about the same.  Its advantage is the price, costing about $500.  The object size is about the same as the Digitizer and it does have to be connected to a computer.  You can buy from the website, matterandform.net or from Amazon.

Matter and Form Scanner Scan of meteorite

Handheld Scanners

Structure Sensor Scanner.

XYZ Handheld Scanner.