Building with the Hummingbird board - a cat treat dispenser and a mobile robot

If you're wanting to get started with the Hummingbird kit, there are some great introductory projects for the Hummingbird board at these sites:
This site also shows how the program would look in the Visual Programmer interface.
As you can see, the code is pretty simple.  The program begins with a blinking LED (this code doesn't show up in the photo, it's above the sensor block.)  Then you drag the Sensor block into the program editor, making sure the light sensor option is selected.  Once the program starts, the cat will see the blinking LED, swat at it (covering it up briefly making it dark) then the left column (Darker) actions will happen. First the led goes off, then the servo motor moves the craft stick gate up and treats move down the slide.  Then the second servo expression moves the gate back down, and since the cat's paw is no longer covering the light sensor, the LED goes back on (the Lighter column.)

A second  example is on the Hummingbird kit site:
This is a very detailed tutorial, showing construction of the robot and programming in Visual Programmer in great detail.