Preparing for the Summer Workshop - Software You'll Need


There are three programs you'll need to download to control your 3D printer, make use of your Vernier sensors, and program your Hummingbird Board.  They are all free downloads.  I've copied the links and instructions for downloading below:

Dremel 3D printer software.
This is the software you’ll use to prepare objects for printing on the Dremel. It will allow you to do things to the model like changing size, selecting print quality, and setting infill (hollow – solid.) To download:
- Go to the Dremel site,
- In the upper right hand corner of the page you’ll see a Create Profile option, click on that. You’ll be asked to enter an e-mail and create a password. Once you’ve done this, you can then click on the Sign In option.
- Once you’ve signed in, click on the Support choice on the menu line. That will open a list of options, choose Downloads. When the Downloads page opens, choose Software. On the Software page, you’ll see a list of options, you want the software for the 3D20 and 3D40 Idea Builder:
Dremel 3D20 and 3D40 Idea Builder

  • Autodesk PrintStudio for Windows
  • Autodesk PrintStudio for Mac

Choose the version of PrintStudio for your computer (Windows or Mac) and install the software.
Note: The Support choice also will have links for lots of very good “How-To” videos, documentation, and a FAQ.

Vernier software.
The Vernier software provides a computer interface for you Vernier sensors/probes. It is very easy to use, very visual (real-time graphing of data), and it’s free. To download:
- Go to the Vernier site,
- In the upper right hand corner of the page you’ll see an option to Create Account, click on this. You’ll be asked to enter a username, your e-mail, and a password. Once you’ve done this you can click on Sign In.
- Choose Downloads from the Menu, and then choose Logger Lite for downloading.
- Once the file has downloaded, install the software.
Note: This site has lots of free stuff as well. Look at the Experiments section (a menu option on the page) and you’ll see lots of sample experiments from their lab books, lots of ideas for use in teaching, standards correlations, and videos.

Hummingbird Board Software.
This site,, is an excellent site with lots of how-to videos, instructions, examples, tutorials, and resources. You don’t have to sign in for this site, so I’ve provided a direct link to the software download for the Visual Programmer software. You can also use other programming languages, but this one is a great start: This page has excellent instructions and videos and the download link. Choose the appropriate link for your computer, download, and install.
Note: Hummingbird has even created a free, downloadable comic book walkthrough for using Visual Programmer.

NOTE!!!! If you are taking the Hummingbird Boards and Scratch Programming class, you'll need to also download a Scratch app.  It's free, from the Hummingbird site, and the link is:  Scratch for the Hummingbird board.  If you are taking the Hummingbird Boards and Python Programming class, you'll need to download a Python app.  It's also free and from the Hummingbird Board site.  Python for the Hummingbird board.