April Workshop Part 1 - Ozobots

     I'll be doing additional posts for our April workshop including some great design briefs created by  participants, session handouts, and some additional information about Biomimicry.  This post will provide some information about Ozobots and links to the documents Emily Sheckels provided for her sessions.

     Ozobots are small robots that can be used to teach pre-coding skills (The Bit) or programming (The Evo.)  The Bit is a line following bot that can also "see" red, blue, and green.  You can program the bot by adding a variety of color sequence blocks (red-blue-red) to the black line the robot follows.  There are a number of sequences and each one causes the bot to execute some command, such as Reverse, Speed Up, or Turn Left.  The programmer creates the route for the bot by drawing a black line and then adding color sequences as needed.  The route is created using standard markers and paper.  The kits have a lot of materials including code sheets, pointers for drawing lines and sequences, sample routes, and code stickers.  The Evo bot also allows you to do actual coding, using a Scratch-like language, Ozoblockly.


Emily's workshop documents:

  1. Session Powerpoint
  2. Novice Codes
  3. Magnetobot

This is the Ozobot website.  Lots of ideas for classroom use of Ozobots under the Education tab.

This blog post, created by a school Librarian, provides some very good ideas for linking programming with the Ozobot to storytelling.


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