In this workshop we’ll go over 3D design and printing, and the use of Vernier sensors and software.  We’ll use the same format we used for the Hummingbird workshop: a detailed walk through of the basics, then time for practice. 

You will be using some software (both computer-based and web-based) for this workshop.  For a quick explanation, with links, of the downloads needed, scroll down in this blog to the post on Preparing for the Summer Workshop: SoftwareYou’ll Need.  This page will give you instructions on downloading the Print Studio software and the Vernier software.  You’ll also need to create an online account for Tinkercad.   This is one of the most popular free 3D online design programs.  Basic design is pretty easy to do and there are lots of video tutorials available on the web (check  The program also allows you to import .stl files from or from scans you created with a 3D scanner.  Your designs can be saves as .stl files, ready for your 3D printer software.  The link is to Tinkercad  Once there, you’ll be asked to sign up for an account – it’s free – with your e-mail and a password.

You’ll need to bring the following materials as well:
  • ·       Dremel 3D printer with filament
  • ·       Vernier Sensors/Probes
  • ·       Solar Power Kit